Univerzális mechanikus csatlakozó KeyQuick10 SC/UPC MM 62.5/125

Kód: L5736
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Univerzális mechanikus csatlakozó KeyQuick10 SC/UPC MM 62.5/125
View of the KeyQuick splice
Univerzális mechanikus csatlakozó KeyQuick10 SC/UPC MM 62.5/125
View of the KeyQuick splice

  • universal mechanical splice for 3 mm / 2 mm / 0.9 mm / 0.25 mm optical cables
  • SC/UPC connector for 62.5/125 um multimode fiber
  • low loss: 0.1 dB
  • glued-in OM1 62.5/125 um fiber fragment
  • transparent body for immediate connection quality verification
  • typical installation time: 30 seconds
  • designed to get high quality connections without special skills
  • full compatibility with IEC 61753-1 and Telcordia GR-326 standards
This universal mechanical splice from KeyQuick10 series is used to terminate a 62.5/125 um optical fiber with SC/UPC connector without time-consuming gluing and polishing. The operation does no require "sterile" conditions, because the end face of the built-in fiber fragment (OM1) has been glued and polished by the manufacturer. The low loss at the level of 0.1 dB is obtained thanks to advanced positioning of the inserted fiber end by V-shaped grooves. The optical gel that is also used in the connector reduces the effects of an imprecise cut and a possible gap between the end faces of the fibers.
The design versatility of the KeyQuick10 connections allows termination of 3 mm / 2 mm / 0.9 mm / 0.25 mm multimode fiber optic cables without the use of expensive tools and maintaining laboratory accuracy. They are equipped with adapter tubes.
One of the most important and unique design solutions is the transparent body of the connector. After connecting Visual Fault Locator L5933, it allows the installer to verify directly whether the connection is made in a proper way. No red light in the splice area means a perfect connection.
Quick assembly connectors are suitable for terminating optical lines instead of traditional, glued connectors, e.g. used in distribution and termination boxes in buildings. Due to the high transmission parameters, they can be widely used in telecommunications networks, FTTH solutions, video surveillance systems, MAN and WAN backbones.
The connectors and mechanical splices of KeyQuick series are fully compatible with international standards, IEC 61753-1 and Telcordia GR-326.
Tools necessary for termination of optical cables:
  • Universal Key Tool Kit L5952 - essential installation tools for quick assembling KeyQuick splices and connectors
  • IPA Solvent Cleaner L5915 and Dust-free Kim-Wipes L5913 - the accessories necessary for fiber cleaning
  • Visual Fault Locator L593,
  • Fiber Scraps Trash Can L5918
  • Precision Fiber Cleaver F1-6000 L5801
Name KeyFibre C-KQ10-MM
Code L5736
Fiber type
Fiber diameter
125 μm
Cable diameter
3 mm / 2 mm / 900 μm / 250 μm
IL 0.1 dB (at 1310 and 1550 nm)
RL < -55 dB
Reuse up to 5 times
Operating temperature - 40oC ... 75oC
Other KeyQuick mechanical splices
  • C-KQ10-OM4 L5733 - SC/UPC connector, 50/125 multimode fiber
  • C-KQ10-SC L5753 - SC/UPC connector, 9/125 single-mode fiber
  • C-KQ10-SCA L5756 - SC/APC connector, 9/125 single-mode fiber
The dimensions of KeyQuick mechanical splices
The Spanish company KeyFibre is a leader in fiber optic solutions on the European market, specializing in mechanical splices. KeyFibre is a member of FTTH European Council and sponsor of the European Conference and Exhibition of Optical Communication (ECOC). The main objective of the company is to improve and develop high quality innovative solutions for connecting optical fibers.
ULTIMODE Building System is a solution to create FTTH networks in buildings (Fiber To The Home). The system provides a complete range of products for deployment of fiber optic links in each apartment/office, including "open space" offices.

Technikai adatok

Nazwa KeyFibre C-KQ10-MM
Kod L5736
Rodzaj światłowodu wielomodowy
Średnica włókna 125 μm
Średnica kabla 3mm / 2mm / 900μm / 250μm
IL 0,1 dB/km (dla 1310 i 1550 nm)
RL < -55 dB
Wielokrotne zarobienia złącza max 5 razy
Temperatura pracy - 40 ... 75 oC