ULTImonitoring Alarm Kielce, 2009. november 4-5.

A DIPOL vállalat az Alarm Kiállításon és Vásáron fog részt venni Kielce-ben,Lengyelországban, ahol bemutatja a CCTV eszközök egy integrált ajánlatát, szoftver és továbbítási eszközöket a városi videó felügyeleti rendszerek számára az ULTIMONITORING fogalom alapján.
Meghívjuk a lengyelül beszélőket egy előadásra az ULTIMONITORING-al kapcsolatosan, 2009. november 5-én 11:15-kor a konferencia ideje alatt A város biztonsága témakörben.
ULTIAIR devices designed for wireless transmission of video surveillance data at the DIPOL's stand
We are pleased to inform our customers that, during the trade fair, the ULTIAIR family of access points received an award. The judging panel of the Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM in Kielce, Poland, awarded a medal for the ULTIAIR series, appreciating the role of signal transmission in the construction of modern CCTV systems.
Kiállítási érem a vezeték nélküli adatátviteli eszközök egy sorozatáért - ULTIAIR
Az ULTIMONITORING - egy a kiválasztott eszközök fogalmát takarja a szoftver és továbbítási eszközök vonatkozásában, amelyek tökéletesen összeegyeztethetőek egymással és lehetővé teszi azok beépítését a modern CCTV rendszerekbe.

Tvrdosin in Slovakia - the sign of a new trend in video surveillance
Tvrdosin in Slovakia - the sign of a new trend in video surveillance
ULTIMONITORING Tvrdosinban, Szlovákiában, ahol megapixel kamerákat és drótnélküli adatátvitelt használnak.
What should be the features of a modern CCTV system?
  • quality of recorded material suitable for the purpose
  • quality software ensuring economical operation
  • flexible transmission system
  • compatibility with a broad spectrum of equipment and solutions from different manufacturers
  • competitive prices of all products, according to their quality
ULTImonitoring allows any investor, designer, and installation company to use various products of CCTV, IT, and ET technologies with the guarantee that they will create integrated, modern, and economical video surveillance system. The offer is still growing with the development of technology, allowing for modernization and expansion of the system.
ULTImonitoring megapixel cameras allowed to identify and capture the perpetrators of assault and murder
What are the basic problems caused by an improper selection of system components?
  • Inability to connect small analog systems to professional city video surveillance system
  • Problems with changing the location of the Monitoring Center
  • Necessity to use components coming from one manufacturer
  • Equipment inadequate to the tasks
The key features and kinds of of ULTImonitoring devices include: H.264 compression, cooperation of CCTV DVRs with IP cameras, broad offer of megapixel cameras and video servers, efficient wireless devices allowing reliable transmission of video data, fiber optic equipment. ULTImonitoring components allow to deploy both extensive city systems and small local CCTV installations.
ULTImonitoring components:
ULTISYSTEM - is a unique solution in the world allowing to integrate local CCTV systems with city surveillance, with the use of integrated managing software. It cooperates with megapixel cameras which are the basis of modern video surveillance systems.
ULTIMAX - is a series of 3rd generation digital video recorders which got Gold Medal at Intertelecom trade fair. The DVRs implement the most efficient H.264 compression. Equipped with embedded MCU and dedicated real-time operating system (RTOS), they combine the most advanced electronic and computer technologies that ensure effective use of the disk space created by hard drives of virtually unlimited capacity and support of TCP/IP protocol.
ULTIMAX-104 and 204 got nominations for the Alarm award.
ULTICAM - are high-quality megapixel cameras, proven in many installations worldwide. They cooperate with ULTISYSTEM and all popular IP CCTV managing software. ULTICAM cameras use the newest image sensors, H.264 compression and are compatible with global standards (ONVIF, PSIA).
ULTIAIR - is a family of professional Access Points, designed for efficient long-term outdoor operation. Integration of the transceiver and antenna into one weather-resistant housing enables the installer to perform the job quickly, without additional operations. The devices have been designed for creating efficient wireless IP CCTV and ISP networks.
ULTINET - video servers allowing for the processing of analog video signals transmitted through coaxial cables into compressed digital video streams transmitted over the Ethernet network. ULTINET use H.264 copression.
ULTIMODE - fiber optic equipment for long distance signal transmission. The offer includes video converters, Ethernet media converters, pigtails, patchcords, optical connectors etc.
"ULTImonitoring" of cities. Building an extensive video surveillance systems, such as city monitoring, one should use proven system solutions. Many installers have bad experiences with devices that operate properly as individual units but have problems to communicate with other equipment. Therefore, only advanced and tested solutions can ensure proper operation of the system.
Megapixel video surveillance system<br />at Plac Nowy square in Krakow
Megapixel video surveillance system<br />at Plac Nowy square in Krakow
Monitoring system at Plac Nowy in Krakow, based on ULTImonitoring equipment
Elements of CCTV systems tested in urban monitoring systems and other large installations:
  • ULTICAM cameras (K1140, K1441)
  • TOKINA lenses (M2311, M2235)
  • ULTIAIR wireless devices (N2301, N2311)
  • ULTIMODE optical converters (L10021, L11521)
  • ULTIMAX DVRs (M72040, M77160)
  • ULTISYSTEM software package (K3232)
The main features of a modern monitoring system are:
  • megapixel resolutions of cameras, allowing precise monitoring of even large areas
  • MPEG4/ H.264 compression ensuring optimum use of available bandwidth
  • high-quality lenses with parameters not limiting the native resolutions of the cameras
  • reliable wireless, fiber optic or cable transmission
  • recording parameters saving the full-resolution images from the cameras
  • DVRs in local systems allowing integration with the main system
IP Camera ULTICAM DS-852MF-E (2.0 Mpix)Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KCH.264 IP Camera: ULTICAM DS-2CD892PFWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 323KCSoftware Package: ULTISYSTEM (32 channels)Ethernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-207M<br />(one single-mode fiber up to 20 km)Ethernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-207M<br />(one single-mode fiber up to 20 km)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-204 (H.264, 4 channels)
The products nominated for Alarm 2009 awards
IP Camera ULTICAM DS-852MF-E (2.0 Mpix)
Network DVR: ULTIMAX-204 (H.264, 4 channels)
Megapixel (2.0 Mpx) IP camera K1441, H.264,
used e.g. in city surveillance system in Tvrdosin.
Video available on any web browser.
ULTIMAX-104 M71040, ULTIMAX-204 M72040
- DVRs for modular systems,
H.264 compression.
ULTIAIR professional Access Points
designed for creating efficient
wireless IP CCTV systems
and ISP networks.
ULTIMODE optic fiber equipment
for long distance data transmission.