The IFSEC 2006 Show in Birmingham: a report with special selection

This IFSEC show took place in Birmingham on May 8-11, and it was traditionally the biggest event of that kind, i.e. concerning security systems.

A prosperous market and new technologies encourage manufacturers and customers to meet - to introduce new products on the one hand and satisfy customers' expectations on the other. This year's fair has again broken audience numbers record.
Wider and wider range of IP CCTV devices still meets with relatively limited bandwidth of public infrastructure, so it is the reason for offering mostly products, installations and software dedicated for specially prepared networks.

The offer of equipment for monitoring of expressways and cities grows constantly. There were shown many implementations of IP CCTV technology in connection with wireless transmission.
City monitoring simply requires using IP cameras, number of which is technically unlimited as the structure of IP networks allows for remote access to any camera from any place, at any time.
Number of exhibitors and visitors increases year after year.
Interesting CCTV IP cameras - new ACTI CAM 6500 camera, and specific style of Mobotix devices.
Functional set of cameras from Forward Vision CCTV: high speed rotating camera and several smaller permanent cameras makes an ideal solution in case of monitoring of big areas - airports, big parking lots, or warehouses and yards - where efficient control and tracking of people, vehicles, equipment and goods are needed.
Sony consistently extends the offer of IP cameras; in the black housing the camera SNC - RX550P.
On the left: an example of military applications. "Mobile" set of three cameras:thermal, color and day/night.
On the right: there are appearing Ultra-High Resolution cameras, which so far means up to 21 Megapixels resolution. They can't give many frames per second, but so high resolution enables to control a big area and then digitally zoom desired fragments of the image. The result is good enough to distinguish a lot of small details.
Small displays just on keypads and front panels of DVRs facilitate to handle the installation. On the left - device with LCD display from GSP. On the right - 4-channel recorder from Hanse.
CCTV systems often have to operate in extreme situations and conditions. On the left - outdoor LCD monitor put into special box where it is sprinkled with water - as simulation of rainfall.
On the right - a set for Mr. Bond - a miniature camera with cooperating mini-recorder.
There was increased choice of solutions for mobile monitoring. It meets the demands for protection of mass events. The picture shows police radio car equipped with pulled out camera on the roof.
A combo camera - day/night.
Unfortunately it's not the territory of classic English humor - times are changing!
And at the end of the day...mentioned in the title "special selection":