SIGNAL RACK szekrények - díjazásra jelölték

On 19-21 September 2012, there will be held in Warsaw Sat DIGI-TV trade fair. DIPOL will present a comprehensive range of SIGNAL racks that have been nominated for award.

SIGNAL racks make the first complete offer in the industry, with cabinets specially prepared for TV/SAT, CCTV, LAN devices.
The series has been nominated for the award of Sat DIGI-TV
The importance of the mounting equipment in contemporary building systems
To ensure the highest standards of telecommunication networks being installed in buildings in the period of major technology changes, DIPOL introduced high quality RACK cabinets of SIGNAL series plus a range of accessories needed for placing TV/SAT, CCTV, LAN equipment. The application of the cabinets dedicated for the equipment increases reliability of the building systems.
The role of cabinets to ensure optimal conditions for the protected devices
One of the basic requirements for modern telecommunications is high reliability. The critical components of advanced systems are active devices. There is no competitive solution to rack system in terms of installation ease, cooling, security and easy access to the installed equipment. RACK system primarily means convenience, safety and ergonomics.
Distinguishing features of SIGNAL rack cabinets
SIGNAL RACK cabinets allow easy installation of multiple devices and ensure esthetic look and protection against accidental mechanical damage. The series includes ​​two types of RACK cabinets:
  • Hanging - with height from 6U to 12U (1U = 4.445 cm) and depth from 450 mm to 600 mm. They have four rack rails (angles) for mounting devices, which are marked so as to easily mount them at the correct heights. The rear and side panels are removable. The ceilings are prepared for mounting fans. The cabinets can be mounted on walls using hangers or dedicated mounting brackets. All parts of each cabinet are shipped in a single cardboard box.
  • Standing - with height of 24U or 48U and width and depth from 600 mm to 800 mm. Each cabinet has two doors and removable side walls. Marked distances (1U) on mounting rails make it easy to mount devices at the correct heights. The ceiling can be equipped with a special ventilation panel consisting of four fans. Additionally, the 800 mm wide cabinets have two vertical cable organizers.
The parts of the cabinets are packed in cardboard boxes that protect them during transport. In the case of hanging cabinets, the self-assembling time is usually below 10 minutes.
The completeness of the offer
See the full range of RACK cabinets and equipment. SIGNAL RACK cabinets have been introduced together with supplementary accessories for:
  • power supply (power cords),
  • cooling (fan modules),
  • cable management (patch panels, cable organizers),
  • special mounting adapters (rails, shelves, drawers etc).
Instructional video: How to assemble Signal RACK cabinet
How to assemble Signal RACK cabinet