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Resolution Revolution
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Monitoring of stadiums and mass events - revolution in resolution due to megapixel cameras.
The main problem in video monitoring of stadiums and mass events is necessity of observing large areas with capability of capturing facial details. The problem is often solved by using wide-angle cameras for general view, and PTZ cameras for detailed observation, recording of incidents and identification of persons.
But in the case of a number of incidents, some trouble spots may be uncovered. Much better solution is provided by employing cameras with much higher resolutions. Common PAL CCTV cameras ensure only 704 x 576 = 405 504 pixels. Using special 5 Mpix cameras, it is possible to cover 10 times larger area with the same linear resolution, or - in other words - there is possibility of enlarging fragments of the broader viewed area at least 10 times, still getting detailed, sharp images.
To preserve the excellent resolution of megapixel cameras it is indispensable to ensure proper recording system.