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QPSK CI vevő RD-313C QPSK/PAL MMH-3000 fejállomáshoz
Kód: R81710
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Base Unit UC-380 (for Modular Headend MMH-3000)
View of the receiver
The RD-313C R81710 receiver is the basic module used in MMH-3000 headend, mounted in the base unit UC-380 R81700. Thanks to transmodulation to PAL standard and RF modulation (VSB) the broadcast can be received by regular televisions. One device receives one program and provides MPEG-2 stream from the received transponder. To receive other programs from the same transponder it is enough to employ cheaper MPEG-2/PAL transmodulators - DM-313 R81712, using MPEG-2 TS output of RD-313C.
RD-313C has CI slot enabling - after installing adequate CA module - reception of encrypted programs. Usually the card decodes all channels of the received transponder.
The receiver has been also equipped with VSB modulator (PAL). Thanks to vestigial side band the modulator allows to utilize adjacent channels. This kind of operation requires balanced output levels of output channels. The differences among individual channels cannot exceed 3 dB.
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Name QPSK CI Receiver RD-313C for  Terra MMH-3000
Code R81710
Frequency range * [MHz]950-2150
Level / impedance [dBuV/Ω]30-88/75
LNB power & transport parameters
Voltage [V]0/18
Max. current [mA]400
Input symbol rate [MS/s]1-45
MPEG2 TS output [Mbit/s]2-80
TV standard *B/G D/K I L M N stereo A2
Output frequency range * [MHz]110-862
Output level / impedance [dBuV/Ω]100/75
Output level adjustment [dB]0...10
Carrier stability [kHz]+/-20
Offset range (max) * [MHz]


(step 0.25)

Depth of modulation [%]75
S/N ratio [dB]>57
Video carrier to audio carrier ratio * [dB]12/16
Intermodulation products (II and III order) [dB]<60
Power consumption [V/A]5.5/1.6
Operating temperature [oC]0...50
Dimensions [mm]45x115x232
* Parameters set in free Terra Link, application program or its commercial, full version CMH Master R81706
Electrostatic discharge caution

The module contains electrostatic sensitive components. To minimize electrostatic discharge, observe the following precautions:
  • Do not remove module from its anti-static plastic bag until you are ready to install it into the base unit.
  • Hold the module only by its front panel.
  • Do not place the module on an unprotected surface. Immediately after you remove the module from the base unit, you must insert it into its anti-static plastic bag.
  • When the module is not in use, keep it in its anti-static plastic bag.
  • Do not ship or store the module or base unit in/near strong electrostatic, electromagnetic or radioactive fields.
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QPSK CI vevő RD-313C QPSK/PAL MMH-3000 fejállomáshoz
Kód: R81710