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Optical Transmitter TERRA MOS-211B
Kód: R81720B
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Base Unit UC-380 (for Modular Headend MMH-3000)
View of the transmitter
Base Unit UC-380 (for Modular Headend MMH-3000)
Rear view
Base Unit UC-380 (for Modular Headend MMH-3000)
The included accessories
Optical Transmitter MOS-211B R81720B is dedicated for cooperation with the TERRA MMH-3000 headend. It converts electrical signals from the headend applied to RF IN into optical signals. The device cooperates with ROS-121M R81721 optical receiver and OD-xxx optical nodes.
Distinguishing features
  • compact DFB cooled laser transmitter
  • automatic thermo-cooler control for constant laser temperature
  • input signal level measurement
  • user-selectable automatic/manual RF level control
  • AGC circuit for constant laser power
  • selectable output power levels
Optical transmitter MOS-211B R81720B is a transmodulator of RF electrical signals into optical signal of 7 dBm level. It cooperates with single-mode optical fibers operating in 1310 nm window.
The device has been equipped with keypad and LCD display. The first information is current firmware version and device status. With reverse channel, it is possible to obtain information on remote optical node.
Optical links are indispensable when the SMATV/cable TV network is quite extensive (the distance between the headend and distributing network exceeds 300 m).
  • The transmitter can be switched on only when the whole link has been carefully installed.
  • It is not allowed to directly connect the optical transmitter and receiver. For testing one/both of the devices one needs to employ appropriate attenuator.
NameOptical transmitter MOS-211B
Optical power7 dBm
Laser typeDFB
Optical wave length1310+/-10 nm
RF frequency range47-862 MHz
Pass-band ripple+/-0.75 dB
RF input level75...90 dBuV
Relative intensity noise (RIN)<-155 dB/Hz
CNR>=51 dB
>=65 dBuV
CSO>=60 dBuV
Gain adjustment15 dB with 0.5 dB step
Slope adjustment10 dB with 0.5 dB step
Optical connectorSC/APC
Power230 V / 50 Hz 17 W
Dimensions / Weight485x58.5x171 mm / 3.9 kg

Available models (to order)
Optical power [dBm]6789101112

Optical transmitter MOS211B can also be controlled via TerraLink software. Because this program is dedicated for maximum two UC-380 sub-racks, there is possibility of addressing the transmitter as one of the modules, on the condition that one slot in a sub-rack remains empty.
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Optical Transmitter TERRA MOS-211B
Kód: R81720B