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Megbízható megvilágítás minden körülményben - IR reflektorok új generációja
Infrared reflectors are essential accessories used in CCTV systems. They allow to light the monitored area in the dark, using infrared light which is not visible to the human eye (it may depend on the wavelength), but is perfectly used by CCTV cameras.
The advantage of the Redbeam series is application of specially designed LED matrix (instead of a conventional set of diodes) which, together with optical lens/es, ensures desired operational angle and distance.
LED matrix used in Redbeam illuminators
View of the lens assembly in IR80 illuminator

Comparison of IR matrix with standard IR LEDs
A typical IR LED provides output power between 5 mW and 15 mW, so, even in the case of short operational distance, an IR illuminator has to employ at least several such diodes. LED matrices provide output power between 1000 and 2500 mW. This means a much longer range, in spite of the small size of the device.
Comparison of IR illuminators with similar output power
To make an IR illuminator of the same power, one would have to use a large number of typical IR LEDs and its size would be much greater. For example, an1500 mW illuminator should consist of 100 LEDs of 15 mW output power. Of course, such a solution is feasible, but the illuminator would be much bigger than a similar Redbeam device.
Redbeam illuminator allows to light the scene uniformly
The matrix of small size makes it easy to shape the beam with lenses. In the case of a traditional IR LED illuminator, the angle of the beam depends on the arrangement of LEDs, which is not a flexible solution. Using a LED matrix, virtually any angle can be achieved. The examples are the dome models M1642 and M1646, with beams of 180o.
IR lighting from Redbeam matrix after different periods of operation
IR lighting from typical IR illuminator after different periods of operation
Another advantage of the matrices is the lifetime of the materials used. Standard heavy-duty IR diodes operate around 6000 hours. In the case of the matrices, the expected lifetime is about 50000 hours. It means that they can work for over 10 years (12/24 cycle)!
Depending on the installation point and area of operation, one can distinguish two types of illuminators: directional and omnidirectional. Both types are available in 1800 mW and 3000 mW versions. The first type is mounted next to the camera and features a narrow beam, so the range of operation is 40 m and 80 m respectively. The second type (omnidirectional) is mounted on a ceiling. Instead of the range, it is better to describe its capacity by the maximum surface that can be effectively illuminated - 60 m2 or 120 m2.
The IR illuminator installed next to the camera (not integrated with it) has the advantage that it does not overexpose objects that appear directly in front of the camera lens. It does not create problems with snow, rain, insects etc. in the foreground.
There are ready-to-use two models of outdoor cameras with pre-installed Redbeam illuminators. The IC40 M1130 and IC35 M1131 cameras use Sony Super HAD image sensors, well known for their high quality and often used in modern CCTV cameras. Cooperating with the unique Redbeam IR illuminators, the cameras provide clear pictures within the whole viewing angle - even in total darkness.
Redbeam spot illuminators
IR illuminator: Redbeam IR40
IR illuminator: Redbeam IR80
IR illuminator
Redbeam IR40
IR illuminator
Redbeam IR80
Redbeam ceiling illuminators
IR illuminator: Redbeam IRD60 (180 degrees)
IR illuminator: Redbeam IRD120 (180 degrees)
Redbeam IRD60
Readbeam IRD120
Output power [mW]1800300018003000
Wavelength [nm]850850850850
Half-power beam [°]3015 --
Operational angle [°]6030 180
(vertical plane)
(vertical plane)
Supplying voltage [VDC/VAC]12/2412/2412/2412/24
Power consumption [W]4.5 7.2 4.57.2
Operating temperature [°C]-20...+50-20...+50-20...+50-20...+50
Dimensions [mm]158 x 84 x 108158 x 84 x 108 134 x 103 134 x 103
Weight [kg]0.25


We offer day/night cameras with pre-installed Redbeam illuminators:
Day/Night Camera Redbeam IC40 (w. double IR illuminator)
Day/Night Camera Redbeam IC35 (w. IR illuminator)
Day/night camera Redbeam IC40
with double IR illuminator
Day/night camera Redbeam IC35
with IR illuminator