God help the rich... Security Industry Awards in Birmingham IFSEC 2005

Owing greatly to a breakthrough in the CCTV IP network technology, as well as a huge demand in the security market, plus excellent work of the organizers of the Birmingham show, the 2005 IFSEC is spoken about rather enthusiastically all over the world, even at the time of crisis for this type of events. A record number of exhibitors, 790 companies, was registered at the show that was held in Birmingham from 16-19th of May, 2005. The exhibition area was 100% full.
The show is starting off - this year, a record number of exhibitors and visitors.
Technological breakthrough and the expansion of the show - the big guys are getting in the game.

The security market had always been associated with short production lines, relatively small tasks and investments, and authorship solutions in the area of products and services. The more siginficant role of CCTV networks and biometry have led to a breakthrough in the security technology and caused the gigants of the world's industry to enter the security business. The are 3 decisive factors why such big corporations as: IBM, Cisco, Siemens, General Electric have come to the Birmingham's show:
1). Development of network technology in the surveillance systems.
2). A great demand for a transmission bandwidth, image analysis software.
3). A great demand for database systems which co-work and bolster security solutions.

Ad. 1. IP control system has changed the fashion in which surveillance systems of small and large objects were designed. An integration of a large number of equipment, despersed over large areas and requiring a significant monetary investment and logistics, has recently become possible. This technology came at the time of a great demand for it.
Ad. 2. The current basic surveillance technology in the CCTV systems, especially in network solutions, reguires a transmission and analysis of an enormous amount of data. This opens a door for telecommunication and software companies.
Ad. 3. Application of biometric technology demands a system of powerful databases to be created and properly protected. 11 countries have passed a legislation which requires biometric information to be encoded in passports. The identification of every individual who wants to cross a boarder will have to based on a fingerprint analysis performed instanteneously at the crossing point, which requires a collection of huge databases whose access will be given to a number of institutions.
IBM and Cisco sponsored a series of seminars whose purpose was to promote large and complex security projects such as designs of boarder monitoring, transport routes, or security system of large corporations.
Demand in the traditional market of security products.

The increased number of various threads all over the world has also translated into increased sales in the end-user market. Additional factor that contributes to this is the necessity of replacemnet of the old analog technology with the new digital one. A variety of digital video recorders allows to select the right equipment in terms of its quality and price. The recorders that come with numerous functions (like: detection, motion/object tracking, object counting, etc, equipped with alarm outputs) have become the heart of surveillance systems and for this reason, they are very popular in household surveillance as well as in the small/medium/large-sized business. Over 100 manufacturers present at the show were rubbing their hands at that thought.
Yoko demonstrated a recorder for small business and single family homes YK9809, and AVC made a presentation for more demanding customers CPCAM500W (fully configurable via remote and local access) - both products are currently available in the Polish market.
Work of the show's organizers.

Excellent location of the exhibition halls (in a complex with a private airport and train station) and their functional layout made the organizers' work much easier. There are several reasons why both the organizers and vistors are more than content with the event. The main ones include a close working relationship of organizers with different security industry magazines, an excellently run official website, invitations sent to the participants of last year's show, a free addmission for professionals, and a free cafe for international visitors, in which they could have a free cup of coffee and surf the Internet.
Among various facilities for visitors and exhibitors there were free Hotspots.
Review of showcases
Among many camera makers, Sony products proved to catch visitors' eyes the most. The most interesting was a new rotating camera of Ipela series. The housing fits 2 cameras, a panoramic one, with the viewing angle of 360 degrees, and a rotating camera, which can be programmed in such a way that it will automatically follow suspicious objects detected by the panoramic camera.
Image taken by Ipela, the top part of the screen from the panoramic camera, full 360 degree view is visible in the right and left side of the picture. The lower image comes from the rotating camera, which is tracking objects in motion.
Panasonic prepared a group of products for home users, they utilized the WiFi and PLC (Powerline Communication) transmission. Panasonic as always had taken care of the looks of their products.
The significance of software is gaining momentum in the CCTV systems. Real Shoot Manager from Sony.
The digital CCTV signal increases the number of options in which images can be presented. 'Completely new video' as it is being advertised by Pelco.
NDVR recorders (Network Digital Video Recorder) are the most technologically advanced machines. Only a few exhibitors had them in their product line. In the picture, the product from Sony.
Fujinon demonstrated a set of 3 cameras that can be used in monitoring of international boarders, among many other applications. Day cameras, night cameras with a special lense, and IR cameras. The distance from which a human being can be detected by an IR camera is about 1500m.
The main motif of the show - could be found in the Samsung stand - Networked Video Monitoring Solutions
... and the English women are getting more and more beautiful

One of the exhibitors at Birmingham summed up the whole event in a few words, 'every year the show is getting better and the English women more beatiful'. The first part of the statemnet we've tried to justify on this page, the second is uncontested and we agree with it :-).