DIPOL at International Security Exhibition Securex 2006 in Poznan, March 28-31

Dipol is importing CCTV and WLAN products and represents the companies:
DVRs, mobile DVRs, CCTV cameras
CCTV IP, hybrid system
At the Exhibition we will present, among others, the next equipment:

IP high-speed PTZ cameras, standalone DVRs, webservers and decoders of ACTi Corporation - the leading producer of the newest solutions in IP CCTV technology
Mobile digital video recorders of Sunell company: 4-channel MDR3004 (MPEG-4; GPS option) and MDR1004 (proven ability to work well in cars and other vehicles; have been tested by the Police and Army)
DPS cameras (Digital Pixel System), based on technology developed by American company Pixim, where every pixel is a virtual camera. DPS camera meets requirements for WDR (wide dynamic range). The final result we show in the pictures below - with reference material.
Modulators of Terra company for CCTV purposes.
Audio-Video Demodulator ICC-13-Way TV/FM Splitter R-3 Signal
Each day during the Exhibition we will give 45-minute lecture. Title:"IP CCTV - technology of today and tomorrow"
  • how to build IP CCTV installations (surveillance of towns and cities, scattered places, supermarkets)
  • presentation of CCTV cameras of ACTi Corporation
  • wireless technologies in CCTV systems
After the lecture there is a possibility of enrolling for authorization course covering IP CCTV issues.