Dipol at 8th Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM: Kielce, Poland, November 7-8, 2007

Medal of ALARM Kielce awarded to Dipol for 5 mega-pixel camera of IQinVision

Recognition of the Judging Panel was won by super high resolution 5_Mpix K1431 camera from American company IQinvision.

DIPOL is the distributor of IQinVision company in the Polish market.

Super high resolution cameras are the newest trend in CCTV monitoring.
Application of 5 Mpix cameras for monitoring of mass events allows 10 times larger field of observation in comparison with standard PAL devices, with the same level of detail recognition.

It solves the basic problem of CCTV surveillance systems - the necessity of covering a wide area and simultaneous capability of identification of specific persons. So far, a solution was use of PTZ cameras. Considerable disadvantage of the cameras with optical zoom is loss of control of the area outside the current field of view. Megapixel cameras continuously watch the whole area and enable the operator of the system to recover detailed information on every fragment of the area.

Mega-pixel cameras are used for monitoring of stadiums, mass events, busy junctions, as well as in medicine (e.g. for monitoring and recording of medical operations).

The camera IQeye 755 K1431 honored with Medal of ALARM Kielce
The benefits of the Conference - ALARM Kielce 2007.

The latest edition of the event took place from 7 to 8 November. It was a discussion forum for exchanging ideas and experience in the field of video surveillance. The organizers were able to draw outstanding lecturers, as well as considerable circle of users, investors, building developers. The first day was dedicated to "Security at stadiums". The message was unanimous opinion of MSWiA (Ministry of Interior and Administration), PZPN (Polish Football Association) and Ekstraklasa SA (Premier Division) that the law "Security of mass events" should be amended. There should be enacted special act focused on soccer/football matches. On the one hand, the current Act is in some cases too rigorous, on the other hand not suitable for specifics of sports events and stadium threats. Thus the need for new regulations.
As regards the MSWiA directive about "The means of recording course of events at public mass meetings", the regulations concerning voice recording are pointless at stadiums, considerably increasing costs of the installations.
It was underlined the necessity of developing standards of equipping sports facilities with video monitoring systems - as an example there were shown solutions implemented in Great Britain.
The second day was devoted to city monitoring. The users presented their opinions on the implemented systems. An especially interesting case was the city monitoring system in Warsaw. The operator of the system is not the police or municipal police, but a separate firm - it was considered as a better solution.

There were awarded Medals of ALARM Kielce:

  • for ARTR - system of automatic recognition of number plates - to SPRINT Sp. z o.o. company from Gdansk
  • for RH5000 DVR - to GV POLSKA from Nadarzyn
  • for 5 Mpix CCTV camera - to Dipol Szydlowski i Wspolnicy Sp.J. from Krakow
5 mega-pixel IP CCTV camera honored with Medal of ALARM Kielce.
Lectures on designing of modern city monitoring systems and broad offer of IP CCTV devices presented at the event gained recognition of the organizers and visitors, proven by the Medal for the camera IQinvision K1431.
The picture shows the Medal ALARM 2007 and the awarded camera.
Monitoring of the future - it was the watchword for DIPOL's participation in the ALARM event. We showed professional IP CCTV systems in action, including megapixel cameras.
We presented complete solutions for:
We presented complete solutions for:
  • monitoring of football stadiums
  • monitoring of cash desks or check-outs
  • monitoring of big parking lots
  • monitoring of cities
  • monitoring of banks, hotels etc.
  • monitoring and recording of medical operations
We offered:
We offered:
    For city monitoring - ACTi devices.For monitoring stadiums and mass events - megapixel cameras of IQinVision.For monitoring of businesses and offices - Pixord equipment.

And for wireless transmission of IP CCTV data - dedicated Raptor APs.

IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)
IP Camera 5.0 Mpix: IQ755 (Day/Night, PoE, 4.5-13 mm Lens)
Outdoor Wi-Fi AP/APC: RAPTOR RPT-23XR (5GHz, 802.11a)
The most popular camera in city monitoring - ACTi K1215.
IP megapixel camera - 5 Mpix IQinvision K1431.
The device for wireless video transmission - Raptor N2530.


Video monitoring of cities - ACTi We offer equipment of ACTi - one of the world leaders in cameras for city monitoring.

Video Surveillance of Cities
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Video monitoring of stadiums - IQinvision IP CCTV megapixel cameras from IQinvision for monitoring of stadiums and mass events.

Resolution Revolution
Megapixel cameras


Video   monitoring of officies - Pixord IP CCTV devices from Pixord for monitoring of shops, offices, businesses. Pixord - video monitoring of offices
Pixord devices
Professional wireless solutions -   Raptor Professional equipment for wireless data transmission. Raptor - professional wireless solutions
Example applications using the equipment offered by Dipol:
City monitoring in Oswiecim - the system has been described on ACTi website as the model solution for city/town installations.
IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTI CAM-661 (MPEG-4)MPEG-4 Video Transcoder: ACTi SED-3300
Hybrid CCTV system in Skawina (town close to Krakow). The existing analog CCTV system (13 PTZ cameras) has been extended by next three cameras. Due to long distances between the cameras and municipal police station the only possible solution was to employ IP cameras. The transmission has been provided by cable TV network.
IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)
Wireless monitoring system. To ensure safe exploitation of the deposits and protection of the quarry, the company Kamieniolomy Swietokrzyskie ordered CCTV monitoring system. Due to large monitored area and the character of the grounds, no cable solution could be implemented.
Modern IP CCTV system in Opatow (central Poland) was started in September 2006. It uses two high-speed PTZ cameras from ACTi - CAM-6110 K1211.
CCTV monitoring system in Zlotow has been based on fixed and PTZ IP cameras of ACTi, and wireless transmission devices.